příběhQuality policy

  • To always ensure timely and flawless realization of orders
  • To anticipate and fully satisfy customer’s requirements
  • To only cooperate with high-quality suppliers of material and services
  • To keep up with technology development by continuous modernization of production equipment


The company management commits to support the above states strategy by:

  • Reviewing the quality policy once a year and specifying realistic goals
  • Creating conditions allowing to perform these goals for all employees
  • Regularly checking and evaluating the goals to fulfil this strategy
  • Working out countermeasures in case these goals are not met
  • Planning what resources are necessary to fulfil these goals
  • Increasing qualification of all employees
  • Constantly increasing effectiveness of all parts of the quality management system
  • Adhering to all applicable legal provisions

The management expects the employees to:

  • Adhere to procedures defined by QMS documentation thoroughly and precisely
  • Be highly responsible for the quality of their work
  • Prevent mistakes by thorough control of their own work



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